Master Deworming of Dogs Like a Ninja!

Master Deworming of Dogs Like a Ninja!

Curious about deworming of dogs but have no idea where to start? TBH after reading this post, you will be able to teach a thing or two 😛

Deworming of dogs | Deworming for dogs and puppies
Deworming of dogs | Deworming for dogs and puppies

We all love our pets, don’t we? Sure, no two ways about it! But will it be ok if few common intestinal parasites are making them uncomfortable? Hell No!

Owing to their social habits they tend to lick, slurp, and gobble stuff on the road. So, they become an easy target to Worms!

Dorky Tip: Puppies are way more at risk compared to adult dogs when it comes to worms. As a result, deworming of puppies is critical compared to deworming of dogs!

As much as we love to read about their skin care and dental care, here’s a complete guide on deworming in pets
Add to that, how to identify them, treatment methods, worming schedule to avoid any sort of relapse.

Let’s Get Started!

What is deworming for dogs and puppies?

Deworming of dogs | pets
Deworming of dogs | pets

Deworming for dogs and puppies is also referred to as worming / drenching / dehelmintization.
It is the method of administering an ‘anthelmintic drug’ which is also called as ‘Dog dewormer’ in context of dogs.

It is to free them of common intestinal parasites, such as roundworm, flukes and tapeworm.
Below are some methods of giving the Dog dewormer :-

  • Dog dewormer through dog food (chewable tablets)
  • Dog dewormer through liquid squirted through the mouth
  • Dog dewormer injected by a veterinary doctor

How do you know if a dog has worms?

(Check dog behavior!)

Deworming of dogs | Deworming for dogs and puppies
Deworming of dogs | Deworming for dogs and puppies

Although these symptoms are not unique to this issue but a majority of these can help you isolate.
Infected dogs and puppies display showcase the following: –

  • Worm segments (which look like rice grains that move!)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loose stool (Diarrhea)
  • Loss in appetite (Even with favorite foods!)
  • Dragging the bottom! (Anal irritation)
  • Frequent Vomiting (with worms)

How often do you deworm a dog? (Frequency check!)

Ummm… so here’s what we have done! Match the age of your dog in the middle column and corresponding frequency of deworming. It’s doesn’t sound that difficult to follow but the real effort is in sticking to the worming schedule.

Newborn PuppiesTill 2 weeksDeworm immediately, with two visits every two weeks
PuppiesFrom 2 weeks to 6 monthsEvery 2 weeks for a month and then deworm monthly until six months of age.
Adult Dogs6 months and aboveDeworm every 2 – 3 months.
Schedule: Deworming in Dogs | Pets care

Dorky Tip: Add reminders on your smartphone to remind you . It also helps in planning worming schedules with the vets basis their availability.

Deworming of Dogs: What happens if you don’t!

Deworming of dogs | Deworming for dogs and puppies
Deworming of dogs | Deworming for dogs and puppies

If you take your chances and leave them untreated, the worm infestation will worsen over time. The most common method of transmission is through their fecal waste. If you have many pets at ‘smart home’, there is a higher chance that they too will contract the same worms

Deworming for Dogs: How to deworm your dog

There are many ways to deworm dogs and puppies. To be honest, Persistence is the key to be successful in doing it! Here are some different approach to solving your problem: –

Book a vet’s appointment

Deworming of dogs | Deworming for dogs and puppies
Deworming of dogs | Deworming for dogs and puppies

It is the safest way without risking any sort of side effects. Your friendly neighborhood vet will give your dog medications by mouth or in a shot to get rid of the worms.

A large number of these medications are ‘wide spectrum drugs’. They’re useful for treating a wide variety of these including worms that live in the gut. They’re harmful to pests, but, do not harm the pets.

Anthelmintic are effective in relieving pets of intestinal worms. There is no single dog dewormer that removes all types of worms known. But many deworming products are effective across ranges.

It will take more than one dose. The first round kills the worms that are existing. While, the second round kills those that remain, half a month later.

Deworming for Dogs: Do It Yourself (DIY) at Home


  • Make sure your top pick is powerful for the specific type of worms that your canine has contracted. Read the dosage instructions on the packaging before administering it.
  • Whatever tablet or fluid dog dewormer you may buy, do adhere to the dosing instructions.

In case you’re planning to buy an over-the-counter (OTC) dog dewormer, here’s how to use it

Deworming of dogs | Deworming for dogs and puppies
Deworming of dogs | Deworming for dogs and puppies

Deworming for dogs: If it’s a tablet

  • lift your canine’s head
  • place the pill in the rear of his throat
  • Hold his mouth shut while you rub his throat to guarantee that he swallows the medication.

Deworming for dogs: If it’s a liquid-based dog dewormer

Use a syringe to squirt the medicine into the back of your dog’s mouth

Dorky Tip: Remember the dog’s natural urge is to swallow the pill or the liquid!

Prevention is better than cure: Deworming for Dogs

Post deworming of dogs, your canine might excrete dead worms. Eww… Well! As a fact, this is completely normal and nothing to worry about.

Deworming of dogs | Deworming for dogs and puppies
Deworming of dogs | Deworming for dogs and puppies

Here are some steps for preventive care besides deworming for dogs

  • Keep it clean: Personal hygiene of you, your kids, and your pets health is important!
  • You will be doing your pet and yourself, a favor by keeping your surroundings clean. Fleas and Mosquitos usual suspects involved in transferring these worms to humans
  • Make sure you visit the vet . Once a year for adults and 2 to 3 times a year for puppy care.
  • Ensure that you clean that poop well as it may attract some danger to your loved ones.
  • No Kisses, No Hugs: Don’t let them kiss or lick your folks or kids.
  • Make them sleep on their pet beds and not yours.

Deworming for dogs is as critical. As much as their health care schedules, dogs vaccinations, skin care and dental care. It does need regular interventions and periodical check ups (both at home and with an expert vet)!

That’s all folks!

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