Scary Truths About Dogs Sleeping all day

Scary Truths About Dogs Sleeping all day

Sleepy, Quirky and Cutie are the top 3 adjectives that come to mind while thinking about my furry companion. We all have seen them display stupid video worthy antics and be super cute about it. But as a pet owner, what worries me the most is my dog sleeping all day! How will it impact my dogs health? Is he getting proper Dog Nutrition?

Dogs sleeping all day | Dog Nutrition
Dogs sleeping all day | Dog Nutrition

Phew, sometimes I start doubting if he’s ok… Did he ate something from the garbage? Or is he not getting proper dog nutrition or is he feeling lonely and depressed? Wait… is he dreaming about catching a squirrel?

In this dorky blog, you will discover what is going on with your pet what why and how much of dogs sleep!

Let’s find out

How much of dogs sleep is normal?

How much sleep a dog needs, depends on various factors like Doge age, Dog Breed or Daily Activity: –

For Example: An active young spitz might sleep less than an old and lazy Golden Retriever. A lot of things are natural and should not be meddled with.

Adult Dogs sleep

Adult Dogs Sleep | Dogs Health
Adult Dogs Sleep | Dogs Health

Unlike humans, Adult Dogs sleep can be up to 14 to 15 hours a day, on an average. Yep, lucky canines! Yet at a stretch, without waking up for food, they can rally up to 10-12 hours of undisturbed sleep. The mid-day / evening sleep can range from somewhere between 4 – 8 hours of low quality sleep.

Puppy sleep

Unlike adult dogs, puppies and elderly dogs need even more sleep. They can sleep throughout the day except when they’re eating, shitting and playing with you. Puppies are basically tiny dogs sleeping all day. Waging a tail costs energy 😛

Puppy Sleep | Dogs Health
Puppy Sleep | Dogs Health

Why are my dogs sleeping all day?

Several reasons contribute to your dogs sleeping all day. Next, let us discuss these reasons on why our dogs sleep all day. Yet, these may or may not be the real reasons but these are something you must look out for: –

Dog Nutrition | Adult Dogs Sleep

Like us humans, adult dogs demand a healthy balanced diet. Not getting enough food groups or macros can affect their sleep quality. This results in dogs sleeping all day.

Dehydration | Adult Dogs Sleep

Again, they might not ask for it upfront, but they are almost always thirty. They might find it difficult to convey. If they tongue-out often or lick their noses, these are signs that our friendly canine is thirsty.

Dog Nutrition | Dog Health
Dog Nutrition | Dog Health

Depression | Adult Dogs Sleep

Doggos are all heart! Their timelines are very different from ours. 2 hours away from us feels like 8 hours of alone time to them. They are loving beings and get bogged down with the absence of their loved humans! Excess separation from humans can build up anxiety and hurt the dogs health.

Illness | Adult Dogs Sleep

Excess sleep could be a result hyperthyroidism, diabetes or hearing loss. If your dog is sleeping all day, make sure you visit the vet once in three months to get a routine checkup done.

Comfort | Adult Dogs Sleep

Like us humans, this is very similar need of theirs. Comfort is essential to them as they too don’t want to be disturbed while resting. A cozy and warm cushioned space could do wonders to their sleep quality and keep them rested.

Dogs sleeping all day | Dog Nutirtion
Dogs sleeping all day | Dog Nutirtion

Activity Levels | Adult Dogs Sleep

Our Doggos have hidden reserves of abundant energy. Reduced activity levels for any reason could be the culprit for bad sleep quality. If this energy is not consumed in a healthy/playful manner, can lead to build of anxiety and other illnesses.

Personal Dynamics | Adult Dogs Sleep

Change of surrounding

Even though most adult breeds gel with other humans, it might make them insecure for a while. You know, wanting to protect you from the guests :P.

Dog Sleeping all day | Dogs Health
Dog Sleeping all day | Dogs Health

Change in Diet

You might not notice but the new brand of his favorite dog food might not be his favorite. Change in dog nutrition can affect sleep quality and thereby increase the sleep time.

What can you do about dogs sleeping all day?

Starting with the order of priority, ensure that we take up these responsibilities: –

Visit to the Vet

This is of utmost importance. We can be vigilant of their daily behaviors but nothing beats medical science. Let the vet take a look at your dogs and especially puppies once in 3 months to ensure they are on the right track. To add to that, it gives us the much needed relief that all’s well with them even if my dogs sleeping all day.

Cozy Bunker

As pet owners, the least we can do is arrange for a firm mattress for avoiding sleep disorders. There are special mattress for back pain but one should order them only after consulting a vet. Unique mattress for side sleepers or latex mattresses in general are even better.

Adult Dogs Sleep | Dogs Health
Adult Dogs Sleep | Dogs Health

Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition is as important as the mattress. Dogs eat all kinds of rubbish from the streets. Makes it even more important for us to focus on dog nutrition. Larger dogs and puppies need different amounts of dog nutrition. So do check with your vet before you order dog food.


Dogs health is a function of healthy brain activity. It stems from their energy levels. Outdoors are not only heathy outlay of stored energy. Add to that, it helps them synchronize their circadian rhythms. As a result a dogs sleep becomes more enriching and we might not see our dogs sleeping all day. It not only adds to dogs sleep quality but also to the quality of dog’s life. Go Dog Walks! Go Dog Health!

Dogs Nutrition | Dogs Health
Dogs Nutrition | Dogs Health

Wrapping Up

As responsible pet owner, we must keep an eye on the amount of dogs sleep every week. Basis these notes, we must ensure we take care of our dogs health int he best way possible! Dogs sleeping all day doesn’e mean they are healthy and fine. Being vigilant with dogs health and dog nutrition is the key

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