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Dorky Owl Mission

As a pet blog, we wish to make humans understand their pets better.

How It Started? 

Like any other relationship, there are times pet owners are unable to understand their furry friends.

Likewise, pets are unable to send their message across to humans when they wish to.

I thought as the wise torch bearer of the animal kingdom, why not use my writing skills coupled with my wisdom on dogs and cats to good use.

Leading to this, I started a pet blog called Dorky Owl.

My goofiness coupled with nerdy intelligence can actually come in handy.

Dorky Owl strives to translate pet behaviour in a way that pet lovers can understand their pets. It is my vision to help pet owners & simplify pet care by revealing secret nuggets of pet behaviour. All this can happen through my secret pet society : Dorky Owl.
Come explore the secret society of pets!

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About Dorky

My name is Dorky. My friends call me nerdy and wise.

I am passionate about pets. So much so, that Dorky Owl is literally my pet project!
Being part of the animal kingdom makes you realize how all of us have our unique quirks. What fascinated me the most, was the intense relationship between humans and animals.

Now, cats and dogs have been adopted by humans across the world. Maybe it’s their raw nature or maybe they’re just cute. Or maybe felines & canines embody all those qualities which humans yearn for in other humans!

Dogs are warm, friendly, lovable, faithful and a constant companion even during rough times.
Cats are cute, playful, carefree, laidback and furry creatures of comfort.